Internet Information and Google Classroom Log-In Directions


    Your hot-spot on your phone will create a good internet for your computer devices.  If you have the capability of using your hot-spot, please contact your provider to make sure extra data usage will not be charged.  At this time, some providers are not charging for extra usage.  A hot spot is an excellent way to obtain a stronger internet signal.


     Google Classroom Log-In:

    1. Go to Google or Google Chrome
    2. Go to Gmail
    3. New User or Log-In
    4. Student needs to use COUPLAND ISD email, NOT a personal email. Directions for that…
    5. Log-In: First name, last name initial @couplandisd.org

    (example: bsmith@couplandisd.org)

    1. Password: First name initial, last name initial, lunch number, first 3 letters of birth month.

    (example: bs12345sep)

    If your child has a problem logging in with their password, have them email Mr. Brinkman at pbrinkman@couplandisd.org and he can help.  I do not have passwords.

    1. Accept my invitation to Google classroom and your child will see the assignments for the week there, along with directions. I will also update my webpage on the school’s website.


    THANK YOU ALL for your support.  I’m going through at-home teaching with Kody, so we parents REALLY ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!




    Late Work

    Parents, it is my responsibility to prepare my 5th graders for middle school.  I will be modeling the middle school's late work policy to better prepare my students for next year.  Although this policy may seem strict, I want the absolute best for my students and I want to make sure that they are plenty prepared for the upcoming responsibilies that await them next year!  Of course I understand that there are certain emergencies and situations that factor into late work and I will communicate with you or your child if and when that happens.  If your child is absent, he or she will have the number of days they were absent to complete missing work without it being late.  Thank you!

    First day: -30 points

    Second day: 0 in the grade book



    If you see "Correct" on your child's work, they may correct their work and bring their failing grade to a 70.  "Correct, F.C." means that your child may correct for a full credit grade up to a 100.  I only do this if I am re-teaching a skill and  I offer full credit corrections to all students, even those who make an A.

    As of January 8, 2018, I will no longer use the grade 50 to represent a zeo.  If an assignment is not turned in, it will be a zero in the gradebook.  A failing grade will no longer be represented with a 60.  The actual grade your child receives will be in the gradebook.

    Your child is one year away from being a middle schooler!  I am expecting a full heading by now on their work.  A full heading includes first and last name, subject, and date (month must be spelled out).  A full heading is worth 10 points.


    Parents, please remind your child that ALL TOYS, GADGETS, STUFFED ANIMALS, ETC. must be kept home.  Unfortunately these cause distractions and I have much to teach and we have lots to do during the year!

    Thank you for your help with this issue.



    Go Math is the math curriculum that we use.  If you would like your child to have extra math practice at home, please go to the "Website Links for Learning" on my webpage and click on Think Central.  Your child's user name will be first name, last initial.  Password is 12345.


    Education Galaxy

    PLEASE use the Education Galaxy website at home for reading, math, and science practice!  We use this program at school and it is a fun, interactive program that is easy for your child to use and is engaging throughout.  The link is located on my WEBSITE LINKS FOR LEARNING.



    Thursday Folders: You will see all of your child's graded work for the week in the Thursday folder.  Apologies ahead of time if I miss a Thursday and you get it on a Friday!

    REMIND messages will be sent out through me for important announcements and reminders.  If you are not signed up, please let me know and I will give you the instructions to join our class! 




    Reports will be sent out every 3 weeks.  Please sign and return your child's progress report so that your child will receive a 100 for extra credit.



     If you have any magazines that you are able to donate to our class for projects, they would be greatly appreciated! Please check the content before sending them.

    Thank you so much!


    If you would like to request a conference with me, please email me at bsmith@couplandisd.org to schedule a time with me to discuss your child.


    Please check out the Assignments and Projects link for important homework assignments, as well as the Learning Link for websites to help build your child's math and reading skills.


    Thank you, parents, for all you do!

    Mrs. Smith