• End of Year Expectations for 5th Grade



    Reading:  Fluency rate of +200 words per minute with a 98% accuracy.  Lexile reading 830L - 1010L.


    Writing: Fifth graders will be expected to capitalize the first word of the sentence and end each sentence with proper punctuation.  Write paragraphs that consist of five or more complete sentences.  Use figurative language properly. Use the correct verb tense and transitional words (first, next, last, finally, etc.).  Use commas and conjunctions properly when combining sentences.  Use proper capitalization when writing proper nouns.  Fifth graders will write strong conclusions and/or thesis sentences.  All fifth graders will be expected to write fluently in cursive throughout the year.


    Math: By the end of the year, fifth graders will answer 100 multiplication problems correctly in three minutes; 100 division problems correctly in three minutes.