Degrees and Certifications:

Julie Lake

My name is Julie Lake. This is my first year at Coupland ISD. I have worked 10 years in elementary and high school teaching and library services. Before that, I had a career as a journalist, writing articles and editing business magazines. In 2003, TCU Press published my young adult novel on the 1900 Galveston hurricane, Galveston's Summer of the Storm. I currently write a blog with my author/illustrator husband Mark Mitchell on children's book illustration, called This Way That Way Drawing. I am looking forward to sharing my love of reading with Coupland's students.

This year our Scholastic Book Fair was Oct 21-28, 2022.

Our reading programs at Coupland are the Lone Star Reading, Bluebonnet and Book-it.

Lone Star Readers: Grades 6-8

Students are required to give me an oral book report for each book read from a master list of books. They earn rewards for each book report which also includes an end of the school trip to Austin Park and Pizza if they have read at least 15 books from this list. 

The Bluebonnet program: Grades 3-6 

Students who read at least 5 or more Bluebonnet books by January get to vote for their favorite book from the master list. Their votes will be submitted to the Texas Library Association and help choose the 2023 Award Winner. 

Book-it: Grades K-6

Students will read a recommended amount of time each month and receive a personal pizza from Pizza Hut.