The safety and security of our students and staff is our number one priority. If an incident should arise at our District campus our staff practices the following procedures.

    Standard Response Protocol
    We use the Raptor Visitor Management 

    Identification is required by all campus visitors. The visitor management system scans the sexual offender database alerting campus staff to a possible match.

    • The campus administrator has final authority as to controlling access on their campus.
    • Parents or legal guardians of a child or children enrolled in District schools may be permitted on school property or in attendance at school-sponsored activities, even if they are in the database.
    • If access is allowed they will be escorted by a school employee the entire time he/she is on campus, and they will have no unescorted access to any commons area of the building.
    • No other person known to be registered sex offenders, based on offense against a child, will be permitted to be present on school property or at any school- sponsored activity.



    Fire/Arson Emergencies

    Schools are required by state law to practice fire drills once a month during any month with 10 or more school days.
    Arson means the unauthorized starting of a fire on school property.
    First person to detect FIRE:

    • Activate fire alarm system
    • Call 9-1-1
    • Radio/call building administrator
    • Staff and students proceed to designated emergency evacuation site
  • The Safety and Security Committee will hold its first meeting on Nov. 2, 2020. The Committee is charged with participating in the development and implementation of emergency plans and providing recommendations to District leadership about updates to multi-hazard emergency operations plans, and reviewing information related to the security audits. The Committee will meet three times per year.  The Committee comprises District officials, local law enforcement and emergency management personnel, teachers, and a parent from each learning community. Parents that were selected are in the process of being contacted to confirm participation and to share additional information. 


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