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Cowboy of the Month

Kassidy viktora & Katelyn chambers

October 2019

Cowboy of the Month

I would like to nominate my two One Act Play Stage Managers, Kassidy Viktora and Katelyn Chambers, for Cowboy of the Month. They take on the responsibilities of being my second-in-command. During competition, Directors are not allowed to be backstage with their students. The Stage Managers have to replace me in the event of a theatrical emergency and make snap decisions during a performance. It's a big responsibility, and these two students have stepped up to the plate for the last three years. 

I'm grateful to have watched these two ladies grow into the responsible young women they are!
Annie Violette


Miguel Nino & Patricia Barrientos

September 2019

Cowboy of the Month

Cowboy of the Month



I am nominating Miguel and Patrica as Cowboys of the Month!

They are Middle School Helpers that volunteer, each day, in Kindergarten. They are kind, patience, and helpful with our youngest Coupland Cowboy students! Miguel and Patricia help students log onto computers, solve puzzles, file papers, staple take home books, clean up, and  read with the Kindergarten students!
I value their help, welcome their smiling faces, and am grateful for their assistance!
Ms. Price