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Cowboy of the Month


August 2022


I would like to nominate Archer Willett for Cowboy of the Month.  Archer has made it a point to become friends with a new student who English is not their first language.  Archer helps communicate teacher expectations and rules to this student in a very kind and patient way.  Archer  has asked Ms. Violet to play the national anthem of the students' country to help the rest of our class learn about another culture.  I am so proud of how Archer has been such a great friend and role model.

Mrs. Combs

Fifth GradeTeache



I would like to recommend Michelle Lester for Cowboy of the Month.  She goes out of her way to serve all the children here at Coupland.  She has given up her personal time to help them and makes it her priority to do what is in the best interest for every child here at Coupland.  I am proud to work with her and proud she is a fellow Coupland Cowboy! Thank you Mrs. Lester for all you do!  

Mrs. Rebecca Vernier